Earning more than twice as much as Pathaan, Adah Sharma’s The Kerala Story topped the box office in 2023.

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Earning more than twice as much as Pathaan

It seems that the biggest box office successes are those that were made on a modest budget. The magic has already been witnessed in films like Kantara and The Kashmir Files. The Kerala Story, which Adah Sharma directed, is the most recent instance. There should be a party since it was declared a super hit, beating out Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan. Please read on for more information.

As everyone knows, when Pathaan first hit theaters throughout the globe, it caused quite a stir. In addition to being Shah Rukh Khan’s first feature in four years, the film was notable since it was his return to the big screen. It made a profit of 293.22 crore (ROI% = 117.28) on a gross of 543.22 crore in India. The 30-crore film The Kerala Story, starring Adah Sharma, is Sudipto Sen’s directorial debut. Up to now, the film has made a total of Rs. 112.92 crore nett. Finally, the return on investment has reached 82.92 crore.

The Kerala Story has had a profit of 276.4%, expressed as a percentage. This is more than twice as successful as the box office take for Pathaan, which starred Shah Rukh Khan. The film starring SRK had a massive budget of 250 crores; hence, even though it made over 500 crores, it had a low return on investment.

The Kerala Story is the only 2023 film to get the Super-Duper Hit verdict at the movie box office. The group deserves a round of applause.

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Meanwhile, main actress Adah Sharma has lately commented on the widespread ban on the film. We should also respect the censor board that green-lit the film and the Supreme Court,” she told IANS. Those advocating for the film’s prohibition may change their minds after seeing it and realizing it condemns terrorism, leading them to boost its screenings and make it available to more young women.

Please be aware that estimations and many other sources are used to calculate box office totals. Koimoi has not double-checked the figures.

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